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Interim Ministry Working Group
of the Ohio Conference UCC and
the Christian Church (DOC) in Ohio

Interim Ministry Spring Workshop

April 20, 2015 - Camp Christian, Marysville

Pros and Cons of Conflict

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn:

  • How conflict can help an organization move forward

  • How conflict with an antagonist or a bully requires different behavior

  • How conflict occurs when change happens

  • How to manage self and conflict in the system

  • How to maintain self-care

$35 - includes lunch

Learn More and Register


The purpose of the Interim Ministry Working Group is to:

  • Disseminate information about interim ministry to Interim Ministers; Conference, Association and Commission staff; potential Interim Ministers; and the Associations' Church and Ministry Departments

  • Provide education for those interested in Interim Ministry

  • Provide continuing education for those doing Interim Ministry

  • Encourage churches in transition to consider a period of interim ministry time

  • Administer the Rezash Fund

  • Create and encourage networking for those involved in interim ministry

  • Create and maintain a list of those in the Conference involved in interim ministry

  • Provide guidance to Associations through the Departments for Church and Ministry

Interim Ministry Training

The Interim Ministry Network uses a two-part training system.  The first part is a 3-day course on Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry.  

This course is designed for:

  • Clergy and church leaders facing the special needs of an interim pastor managing a church between permanent pastors
  • A settled pastor or lay leader handling a congregation undergoing significant change

It would also be helpful to:

  • Retired ministers who occasionally serve as an interim do not want to invest in complete training
  • Those who want to explore interim ministry as an option

Most of the courses are offered in local church (rather than retreat) settings and designed for commuters, with evenings off.


Those who want to continue the full training program can follow the 3-day course with a 5-day residential course and field work project, Intentional Interim Ministry, offered by the Interim Ministry Network. Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry is a prerequisite for Intentional Interim Ministry


Rezash Fund Grants are available for those who attend the 5-day Intentional Interim Ministry training.   Click here for information (PDF format) about qualifications, guidelines and a grant application.  

Interim Ministry Network website:   www.imnedu.org

Click here for information (PDF) about grants available to help support the cost 
of attending Intentional Interim Ministry training.


Resources for Interim Ministers and Congregations  (PDF files except where noted)

The Interim Minister: Guidelines and Resources for Ohio Conference United Church of Christ and Ohio Region Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
(The Guidelines and Resources file contains all of the resources listed individually below, except for the Grant Application.)

Interim Ministry Profile Update Form

Our Pastor Is Leaving: A Guide for Church Leaders

Sample Interim Ministry Covenant

Sample Interim Ministry Covenant  (Word format)

Rezash Interim Ministry Fund Application

Rezash Interim Ministry Remittance Form

Rezash Fund Interim Ministry Training Grant Application

Rezash Fund Interim Ministry Training Grant Application (Word format)


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Rezash Interim Ministry Fund

>>  Click here for links to Rezash Fund forms and applications  <<

The financial uncertainty of interim ministry is a concern for all Interim Ministers and for the churches and Associations who rely on interim ministers.

The Ohio Conference has created a special support fund for interim ministers serving Ohio Conference churches, called The Rezash Interim Ministry Fund. It is administered by the Conference.  The Christian Church in Ohio became a participant in 2005.

A.  The purpose of the Rezash Fund

1. To provide emergency financial support for Interim Ministers between periods of employment as an Interim Minister.

2. To provide for training and continuing education for Interim Ministers.

3. To support the Ohio Conference/Region Interim Ministry Working Group.

B.  Means of Financing the Support Fund

1. To be eligible, UCC and Disciples of Christ Interim Ministers and other Interim Ministers serving Ohio UCC and Disciples of Christ churches shall contribute 2% of their salary and housing allowance to the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund.

Also, each congregation served by an Interim Minister shall contribute an amount equal to 2% of the Interim Minister’s salary and housing allowance to the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund.

UCC/Disciples Interim Ministers serving non-UCC congregations may also participate following the same contribution guidelines. (This agreement shall be part of the Interim Ministry Covenant Agreement signed by both parties.)

2. Investment earnings from the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund accrue to itself.

3. The Interim Minister must be authorized by a Department for Church and Ministry/staff in their association or region to participate in the Rezash Fund.

C.  Allocations from the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund

The Interim Ministry Working Group administers the Interim Ministry Fund of the Ohio Conference/Region.

1. Each year, 80% of the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund is available to be used for the subsidy of eligible Interim Ministers when they are between interim positions and for sabbatical leave.

2. 10% of the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund may be used annually to underwrite the expenses of the regular meetings of the Interim Ministry Working Group.

3. 10% of the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund may be used annually to provide:

a. support for training programs

b. individual attendance at training programs for Interim Ministers

D.  Means by which fund allocations are made

1. Written application for subsidy is made to the Interim Ministry Working Group through applicant's Association/Regional office. Consideration will be given based on availability of funds, the applicant’s needs and fulfillment of the eligibility requirements. The chair shall promptly respond to the applicant.

a. Subsidy for periods of unemployment between interim positions

Support benefits may be as much as 75% of base salary and housing in the most recent interim position but may not exceed $2000 per month plus insurance costs for a period up to three months.

The health insurance subsidy may be extended for an additional three months under special circumstances.

During this period of time, the Interim Minister will be available to serve as a consultant at the direction of the Association or Regional Minister.

b. Subsidy for a sabbatical

After five years of continuous Interim Ministry, an Interim Minister will be eligible to request a sabbatical. Support for the sabbatical period will consist of not more than $2,000 per month plus insurance for not more than two months.

Five years of continuous service is to be understood as five years of contributions from the minister and congregations served.

The applicant shall present a written proposal to the Conference/Regional Interim Ministry Working Group detailing how the sabbatical plan will strengthen the ministry of the Interim Minister and the Conference/Region.

c. Subsidy for training

A person may submit a request for subsidy for training through the Interim Ministry Network or an equivalent training program.

The expectation is that the person will serve congregations as an Interim Minister in the Ohio Conference for at least one year following the training. If the minister accepts an installed position or does not serve as an interim, a repayment plan will be established.

2. Questions about the allocation of the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund are to be directed to the Ohio Conference/Region Interim Ministry Working Group.

3. An Interim Minister who leaves the Ohio Conference or Ohio Region or accepts an installed position relinquishes all claims to funds contributed to the Rezash Interim Ministry Fund.

Click here for links to Rezash Fund forms and applications

The information above is available in PDF format within the document
The Interim Minister: Guidelines and Resources. (pgs. 6-8)

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Ohio Conference UCC, 6161 Busch Blvd., Suite 100, Columbus OH 43229  •  800-282-0740
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